Step into the future by integrating voice as your primary input system. Scale and grow with a faster and more secure data flow

Partner up to explore new potential

Voice integration is not just a new feature, its stepping into the future

Fully standardised API

This API is designed in such a way that it can push and pull necessary data from any software. It possess the power to make your data to be heard rather than typed in.

Customisable too

Our API can be customisable up to a certain point for meeting client's demand

Opportunity to be heard louder than before

With Hishab’s voice reporting and other core features, Any telco company can penetrate difficult markets such as Borrowers of MFI, Farmers, Rural Household etc.

Potential Increase In revenue

Potential customer from the bottom of the pyramid can buy Hishab enabled SIM cards and subscribe to best-fit price plans

Make your ERP Talk

Hishab API can connect to any ERP or POS solution for enabling voice data collection from user’s mobile phone directly. Data will hit the designated location and can be viewed from the ERP or POS portal as soon as it is updated

No interference with Database

Hishab's standardised API doesn't interfere with any of the core facilities of your system

Highest priority cloud security

Even though Hishab is only a passage for client data, A top priority data security is ensured.

Cloud Server

Hishab ASR is hosted on AWS, which is known to be one of the most secure cloud hosting service on planet earth

API Guidelines

A complete guide to our API can be downloaded for trial. Contact our team to get more info on this, Our well experienced support team is ready at your disposal