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Hishab is world's first independent voice input method which can send data to any ERP Software or Database. Currently Service is ONLY available to Invited Users

Presentation of Hishab at Brand Forum Bangladesh from Zubair Ahmed, CEO @Hishab

Titu Fish

This is the story of a Young Elish (Jatka) “Titu”

The Character #titu was designed by Award winning Graphics designer Aoki Aki. Cartoons are created by Zunko. “Titu” is a Social Project by Hishab Ltd.

Be a Part of Hishab

A part-time job opportunity for people who have smartphones

Contribute and Earn

People from the entire nation can contribute to develop our technology to stand strong and earn for their contribution. This application will generate audio data for the users to type into texts.

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This Application is still on Trial

Request download if you want to take part in this R&D project. Every input is valuable for us in order to make it a great crowdsourcing app