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Hishab's Generative Conversational AI revolutionizes sales by offering personalized interactions, emotional intelligence, and data-driven insights, ensuring enhanced customer engagement, optimized cross-selling and upselling, and improved conversion rates.

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HiSales enhances sales effectiveness through personalized user interactions, emotional intelligence, and advanced analytics. It optimizes cross-selling and upselling opportunities, driving higher conversions, customer satisfaction, and overall business growth.


Emotional Intelligence and Awareness 

Emotional Intelligence and Awareness driven sales detects customer emotions, enabling personalized interactions and fostering stronger, trust-based relationships.

Personalized User Sales

Personalized User Sales leverages AI to tailor recommendations and interactions, enhancing customer engagement and driving higher conversion rates efficiently.

Gen AI sales
Gen AI

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Cross-Selling & Upselling uses AI to suggest complementary products, maximizing revenue by identifying opportunities to enhance customer purchases.

Integrate HiSales.

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HiAd is a tele-advertisement product which delivers personalized, emotionally aware ads through in-call and outbound modalities, enhancing engagement, optimizing targeting, and maximizing conversion rates, ensuring effective and impactful advertising campaigns.

Gen AI

Emotional Intelligence and Awareness

Emotional Intelligence and Awareness driven promotion detects customer emotions, enabling personalized interactions and fostering stronger, trust-based relationships.

Personalized User Promotion

Personalized User Promotion tailors telephony advertisements using Conversational AI, delivering relevant offers to individuals, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

gen ai advertising
gen ai survey

In-Call, Outbound Call Modalities

In-Call and Outbound Call Modalities allow our AI to manage real-time and scheduled telephony ads, optimizing timing and relevance for better outcomes.

Integrate HiAd.

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HiSurvey provides intelligent, emotionally aware surveys through real-time and outbound modalities, delivering deep respondent analytics, enhancing data accuracy and providing actionable insights for informed decision-making and improved customer understanding.

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Emotional Intelligence and Awareness

Emotional Intelligent and Aware AI analyzes respondent emotions, enabling adaptive questioning for deeper insights and more accurate feedback.

In-Call, Outbound Call Modalities

In-Call and Outbound Call modalities allow our AI to conduct real-time and outbound surveys, ensuring timely, relevant, and efficient data collection.

gen ai survey
gen ai

Deep User Analytics

AI-leveraged analysis of survey responses, providing deep insights into trends, patterns, and individual behaviors for data-driven decisions.

Integrate HiSurvey.

Our Generative AI Technology


Large Language Model

Prebuilt and finetuned LLM models that adapt to each market niche

Financial Services domains 

Consumer Services domains

Enterprise Services domains

Automatic Speech Recognition 

Generative speech recognition technology optimized for Bengali, Indic Languages, and English. 

Globally-leading WER for Bengali 

Telephony network functionality

Generative AI dynamic learning 


Text to Speech 

Generative conversational voice technology for human-like voice interface

Sentiment awareness

User-optimized voice interfaces

Minimized response latency 

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Maximize Your Potential With Hishab

What sets us apart.

Hishab offers a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses by delivering intelligent assistants across various digital platforms.

Generative AI 

Generative AI
Hishab's suite of solutions are Generative AI driven, built upon on our proprietary LLM and NLP assets. 

Digital Illiteracy Proof

digital illiteracy
Our Conversational AI solutions are built to combat digital illiteracy, only requiring users to place or receive a phone call.

Unlimited Coverage

unlimited coverage
Our solutions are telephony-driven, built for maximum coverage across any market. 

Service Task Automation 

service task automation
Our Generative AI solutions are built to automate tedious, unproductive service-related tasks, catalyzing operational efficiency.

We're excited to work with you.

We're excited to begin working with you. Start your journey with Hishab here.

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