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Automatic Speech Recognition
Large Language Model
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Text to Speech 

Our Generative Conversational  AI is Globally Leading.

Hishab excels in delivering unmatched efficiency, personalization, and customer satisfaction through our proprietary and patented telephony LLM assets and modules across customer support, sales, and finance.

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Our Generative AI  Technology

Hishab's proprietary NLP assets, including our LLM, ASR, TTS, driven by our patented Generative Conversational AI computing modalities, uniquely enhance automation in customer support, sales, and finance, delivering unparalleled efficiency, personalization, and innovation that sets us apart.


Large Language Model

Hishab's Large Language Model (LLM) is trained on 7B+ Tokens, offering holistic application capabilities with fine-tuned features for specific industry domains like financial services and retail, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and innovation. Tailored solutions transform industry operations and elevate business performance seamlessly.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Our Automatic Speech Recognition engine, with globally-leading Word-Error-Rate (WER) for Bangla and seamless telephony integration, transforms communication. Experience unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, tailored for diverse applications and industry needs.


Text to Speech

Our Text-to-Speech engine delivers human-like voice tonality and inflections with minimized latency and seamless telephony integration. Experience lifelike speech synthesis that enhances user interactions and elevates communication across various applications.

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Patent Map

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Patent Domains

Parallel Computing via Telephony

Generative Conversational AI Configuration 

Conversational AI-driven Consumer & Enterprise Services
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35 Patents

23 Countries

4+ Billion People

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Maximize Your Potential With Hishab

What sets us apart.

Hishab offers a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses by delivering intelligent assistants across various digital platforms.

Generative AI 

Generative AI
Hishab's suite of solutions are Generative AI driven, built upon on our proprietary LLM and NLP assets. 

Digital Illiteracy Proof

digital illiteracy
Our Conversational AI solutions are built to combat digital illiteracy, only requiring users to place or receive a phone call.

Unlimited Coverage

unlimited coverage
Our solutions are telephony-driven, built for maximum coverage across any market. 

Service Task Automation 

service task automation
Our Generative AI solutions are built to automate tedious, unproductive service-related tasks, catalyzing operational efficiency.

We're excited to work with you.

We're excited to begin working with you. Start your journey with Hishab here.

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